Atlantic Worldmaster Jumbo Manual-Wind ('Crosshair' Dial)
Baylor Super Compressor 600 Automatic Diver (Grey Dial)
Breitling Chronomat 0818 Pilot Chronograph (48mm Case)
Bulova Accutron Calendar 'Phillips 66' Award Watch
Bulova Accutron D406 circa 1967 (Rare Factory Diamond Dial)
Bulova Accutron Deep Sea 'Devil Diver' circa 1969 (Coke Bezel)
Bulova Aerojet Manual-Wind No-Date circa 1966 (Steel)
Bulova Date King Automatic circa 1971 (10KT R.G.P. Case)
Bulova Deep Sea Chronograph 'B' circa 1971 (Coke Bezel)
Bulova Deep Sea Chronograph ref. 31001 circa 1969 (Blue 'Solo' Dial)
Bulova Jet Star 'D' Automatic circa 1973 (Original Bracelet)
Bulova Sea King 'A' Time-Only circa 1965 (Manual-Winding)
Bulova Spokesman 'A' circa 1967 (Glossy Black Dial)
Bulova Surf King 'FW' circa 1965 (Glossy Black Dial)
Bulova Wrist Alarm cal. 11 AERC circa 1957-58 (Wild Patina)
Bulova Wrist Alarm Date ref. 11499 circa 1973 (Blue Dial)
Bulova x Dior Time-Only Manual-Winding Watch circa 1975
Caravelle Sea Hunter 666 Feet Diver circa 1971 'White Lollipop'
Cartier Basculante ref. 2405 Mid-Size Stainless Steel Watch
Croton 106A 'Paul Newman' Chronograph (Rare Green Dial)
Croton Aquamatic Date circa 1960s (Swiss-Only White Dial)
Croton Chronomaster Aviator Sea Diver ref. 9870 (Valjoux 23)
Croton Self-Winding Automatic circa 1966 (Linen Dial)
Deco Yachting Regatta Automatic Chronograph (Exotic Dial)
Desotos 'Camaro' Racing Chronograph (Valjoux 72)
Eterna-Matic Centenaire 744 circa 1962 (Solid 18K Gold)
Gallet MultiChron 12HR Valjoux 72 Chronograph (Glossy Dial)
Gallet MultiChron 30M Yachting Regatta Chronograph (RARE)
Gallet MultiChron 45M Decimal Chronograph (First Series)
Gallet MultiChron 45M Flying Officer World-Time Chronograph
Gallet MultiChron 45M Navigator 'GMT' Chronograph (RARE)
Gallet MultiChron Pilot Valjoux 726 Chronograph (Black Dial)
Grand Seiko SBGW277 "Genbi Valley" Limited Edition of 140
Gruen Precision 510SS 'Waterproof' Time-Only (Mint)
Hamilton Wrist Alarm 'A' cal. 642 (Vulcain Cricket Movement)
IWC x HODINKEE Mark XVIII Limited Edition IW3248-01 (Ceratanium)
Jaeger-LeCoultre Memovox 'Jumbo' Alarm (Solid 18K Gold)
Juvenia 18K Gold Time-Only Presentation Watch (LNOS)
LeJour Yachtingraf ref. 9312 Regatta Chronograph (1960s)
Longines All Guard (Conquest) Automatic 9006-4 circa 1957


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